SME staff reinforces electoral brigades

The 18 brigades created to ensure the electoral registration process in the province of Lunda Sul will be strengthened briefly with Migration and Foreigners Service (EMS) personnel, aiming to control the foreign citizens who intend to register, especially in the border areas.

This information was released Wednesday in Saurimo, by the director of Registries in eastern Lunda Sul province, Domingos Catambila, noting that each electoral brigade will have a SME staff, adding that the management is already working with the delegation of Ministry of Interior, so that within eight days, the agents take action.

The official explained that the province of Lunda Sul, specifically the municipality of Muconda, in the commune of Chiluange, is bordered by the Democratic Republic of the Congo and there has been noticed movement of foreigners, hence the need to strengthen the electoral brigades in the region with SME staffs.

On the other hand, the director called for the involvement of all the living forces of society in the second phase of the process, so that the desired goals can be achieved.

He assured that the second phase of the process runs well since the localities in the first stage did not have brigades, now have registers.

He added that they will continue to work with municipal administrations that have hard-to-reach localities in order to reach those areas.

Source: Angola Press News Agency