SJAFM rebrands church in honour of late Archbishop Tjijombo

The St. John’s Apostolic Faith Mission Church (SJAFM) has been rebranded and re-named to Father Tjijombo St.John’s Mission Church on Friday.

The rebranding was done in honour of the Founder of the SJAFM Church and the late Archbishop Petrus Tjijombo who established the church in 1960.

Speaking at the rebranding and renaming ceremony, Deputy Minister of International Relations and Cooperation, Jenelly Matundu stated that the congregation was witnessing a milestone in the history of the St.John’s church as it was renamed.

“We are renaming the Church Archbishop has worked for his whole lifetime. It is really unfortunate that today we are unable to witness the smile that could have been on his face and listen to his acceptance speech as he accepts the honour of being named after the Church in which he spent his whole life,” she said.

Speaking to Nampa on the sideline of the event, the late Archbishop’s nephew and politician Mike Kavekotora, said there is no one who can fully take up his (Archbishop’s) place as he was a giant.

Tjijombo, he said has left a ‘legendary spiritual legacy as well as motivation to the church congregation and to his family’.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency