SIC arrests Lebanese murder suspects

Luanda – The Criminal Investigation Service (SIC) presented on Wednesday in Luanda four Angolan youths, suspected of murdering Lebanese citizen Amine Mohamed Bakri on January 1, 2017 in Cacuaco municipality.

The suspects are Leonardo Valente “PavilA�”, 24-year old, Ambrosio Kiala “Bruno Lima”, 20-year old, Manuel Mwati “Mano” 26-year, and Filipe Job “Paizinho” 17-year, detained days ago by SIC.

Singles and without occupation, the suspects were presented to the press live in Cacuaco municipality.

According to the provincial director of SIC in Luanda, chief superintendent Amaro Neto, the suspects practiced the action to obtain from the victim money and other goods, for later trading, to satisfy their addictions.

The SIC official who ruled out any involvement of other external forces in the murder of the 53-year-old expatriate, said the Zurich-brand pistol used to commit the crime was stolen from an Angolan Armed Forces soldier.

This soldier, said the SIC official, has already been located by the military authorities.

He clarified that the shot that killed the Lebanese citizen was carried out by Ambrosio Kiala “Bruno Lima”, but the motive of the crime, far from other connotations, essentially aimed at stealing money and other assets that the victim might have at that time.

“Our investigations were never focused on the information that was provided at the time. Very early, we realized that we were facing a common crime,” he said.

According to SIC official, if he had not reacted to the robbery, he might have avoided the worst, but the possibility of other external forces to commit this crime has been ruled out.

He added that the arrest of the suspects was only possible following the arduous investigation carried out by SIC Luanda experts, in close coordination with those of Malange and Benguela provinces who assisted in a coordinated manner the capture of Filipe Job “Paizinho” and Manuel Mwati “Mano”.

Amaro Neto stressed that new diligences are underway in order to find other evidence in order to clarify the case.

Meanwhile, in remarks to the press, Ambrosio Kiala “Bruno Lima” said he was the author of the shot that killed the Lebanese.

According to the suspect, at the time they were drinking “but as we did not have any more money, we decided to go to the back street to make the assault and continue our socializing activities.” When we saw the Lebanese coming with his car, we created the idea of assaulting him) “thus we knew him long time ago.

Source: Angola Press News Agency