Seeds shortage hinders agricultural production in Cuanza Norte

The bottleneck factor is the reduced incentive to the agricultural sector, obstacles that must be overcome thus resolving the shortage of agricultural production that is hitting the country in face of the needs of domestic consumption.

The agriculture practiced is still essentially directed at self-consumption by households, which would be different if it were done on a corporate scale and turned to the market, said Thursday to Journalists Jaime Pedro Fortunato.

The official said that with the exception of some roots and tubers, including sweet, cassava, tomatoes and bananas, the country still needs to reconcile the global supply with the volume of imported products.

At Cuanza Norte Jaime Pedro Fortunato visited fish farming cooperative and farming project located in the municipality of Lucala.

The working visit to Cuanza Norte is part of the process of assessing project to restructure the Programme for the Acquisition of Farming Products (Papagro), which is in the process of mapping production.

Source: Angola Press News Agency