S. African national parks declare war on poachers

Kruger National Park (KNP) general manager Isaac Phaahla briefed the media about the interventions they are putting in place to fight poaching.

He told Xinhua that they have employed a retired military general to train the rangers to fight poaching. They are also using the helicopter to track and arrest the illegal poachers.

“We have introduced one of the most effective technique of canine (dogs unit) who have a high conviction rate, radar system, early detection watching system to protect the animals, flora and fauna,” said Phaahla.

They also trained some environmental monitors who stay in the community near the park to report suspicious actions.

He stated that they are cooperating with Mozambique, China and Zimbabwe to fight against poaching.

KNP is the third biggest national park in the world. Some animals and plant species in the park are facing extinction.

In January 2020 the KNP experienced 70 poacher activity. A total of 13 poachers were arrested and six high calibre guns were confiscate,XINHUA.

Source: Angola Press News Agency