Ruling party defends sustainable development

Luanda – Angola is expected to promote sustainable development, ensuring economic and social inclusion, macroeconomic stability and diversification of the national economy, aimed to reduce inequalities.

This is contained in the Declaration of the MPLA party’s Politburo released in the ambit of the 56th anniversary of the beginning of the Armed Struggle for National Liberation against Colonialism, marked on February 4th, in which it urges the Angolan people to continue their patriotic struggle for the construction of a future of peace, harmony, economic and social progress in the country.

The note goes on to state that 56 years later, the ruling party recalls the glorious act of February 4th, 1961, as the beginning of a new stage in the struggle for national liberation of Angola, with the assault on the colonial prisons of Luanda, by nationalists armed only with machetes and cutlasses.

According to the document, the MPLA reaffirms its option for the creation of a just, equitable and culturally developed society, in which hunger and poverty are eradicated, based on equal opportunities for all citizens, with a focus on human development and justice in the distribution of national income, in order to ensure the political and social stability of the country.

However, the note states that the total liberation of the Angolan people and the liquidation of all the traces of colonialism would imply the awakening of a new awareness of work, of national control, expenditures, of more discipline and better results in all sectors.

In this context, it is important to ensure the crucial role of the State, as the regulating and coordinating agent of the entire development process of Angola, and to exercise a leadership role, based on a strategic vision, in line with the civil society, with the business sector and with the whole nation.

“Angolans should be proud of their achievements and continue to believe in their country, wherever they may be, for the grandeur of the Nation, harmonising their individual interests with the collective ones, and this is the best tribute to render to the heroes of February 4th, Let us honour them, by building a better future”, reads the source.

Source: Angola Press News Agency