Ruling party defends permanent interaction with voters

The vice president of the MPLA Luísa Damião defended Wednesday in Luanda the continuous implementation of efficient mechanisms of communication with the public.

Speaking at the opening ceremony of the meeting of the secretaries for Organisation and Mobilisation for Staff Policy and for Political and Electoral Affairs of MPLA, Luísa Damião said communication promote unity and constant interaction between the militants and the staff at various levels.

According to Luísa Damião, it is responsibility of the officials to continue to ensure the implementation of the guidelines of the party’s higher organs and bodies, in the field of organisation and mobilization aimed to overcome the present and future challenges.

“This means, on the other hand, that they must continue to assist the first provincial secretaries in complying with the guidelines of national organs and bodies and prepare the internal conditions that stimulate creativity and innovation in the ways of doing politics”, underlined the leader.

The vice-president stated that the strengthening of the MPLA’s insertion in society implies mastery and participation in the spaces of interaction where perceptions and the sense of social opinion are shaped.

”An efficient task of the human assets within the party must allow the identification of suitable cadres for the political debate, for the transmission of the ideals of our party and for the political capitalisation of the achievements of the Executive, within the framework of the designs of the Political Agenda of the present year,” she said.

Luísa Damião called for the party’s presence in the media, mainly on social networks, along with the continuous strengthening of cooperation with civil society organisations, with stress to the churches, civic associations and other social vehicles.

She said that the MPLA also needs to continue the work of research and dissemination of its history, for the continuous reinforcement of the mystique of the party, innovating the way of being and being in the light of the new times, increasing the passion and love for the party.

The party official reaffirmed support for the President of the Republic, João Lourenço, democratically elected to lead the country’s destiny.

“Our opponents play low. We are attentive to their subversive maneuvers and we have to respond to them as always, with hard work and in defence of the Democratic State of Law, in defence of national unity and political stability”, she said.

At the meeting, some regulations on the organisation and functioning of MPLA’s intermediate and national organs and bodies are being reviewed

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)