Ruling party candidate highlights Cabinda’s role in national liberation

Luanda – The northern Cabinda province’s role in the national liberation process was highlighted Saturday by the ruling MPLA party’s candidate for the President of Republic, JoAPound o Lourenco.

Addressing thousands of militants, friends and sympathisers of MPLA in Cabinda, JoAPound o Lourenco said that many fighters who contributed and continue to contribute to the country’s development are from Cabinda province.

In a clear reference to Cabinda, the candidate said that this second political-military region greatly contributed to the struggle for national liberation.

“Many fighters who defended Luanda on the eve of Independence are from Cabinda,” he argued.

Similarly many of the leaders who hold key positions within party, Government, National Assembly, Angolan Armed Forces (FAA) are the product of Cabinda.

Meanwhile, JoAPound o Lourenco considered the region a genuine laboratory of paintings.

In his speech JoAPound o Lourenco referred to the celebration recently of 15 years of peace.

According to him, the Angolans have set a good example of national reconciliation, peace and forgiveness.

“It is an odd case in the history of Africa. We know that processes like ours did not happen anywhere, as the tendency is to witness persecution, revenge but we managed to avoid this path,” he said.

The MPLA candidate for the President also said that this wise position of the Head of State Jose Eduardo dos Santos and all Angolans is being awarded.

“This is what we should have done ever since Angola became independent in 1975,” he argued.

Despite this commitment, he said, five of the 15 years of peace were bad due to financial shortage to tackle the social issues that affected our populations.

Source: Angola Press News Agency