Roller Skate: Egyptians confident of good participation

Speaking to ANGOP at the 04 de Fevereiro International Airport, Egyptian coach Moamed Hisham said his team is confident of a good participation in this event, although he recognizes the potential of other opponents teams like Angola and Mozambique.

“We are here to show our potential, but we respect the level of Angola and Mozambique, because they are among the best on the continent,” he said.

The Coach praised the organizing country for the daring to hold the first edition of the African Roller Hockey Championship and called on other countries to follow the same path so that the modality has an acceptable evolution in Africa.

The Egyptian delegation is comprised of more than a dozen elements, among athletes, technical team and federative leaders.

On the first day, the pharaoh’s team is going to play with the Angolans, next Friday.

Angola, Egypt and Mozambique fight for their presence at the World Cup in Barcelona, Spain, set for 7-14 July.

The first qualifier has direct qualification for the eight elite of the World, in which only need to know the African representative.

For the World Cup, which takes place in July in Barcelona in Spain, the hosts are Portugal, Italy and France, along the European continent, while Argentina, Chile and Colombia are the American representatives.

Source: Angola Press News Agency