Roller Hockey national team train defense-attack transition

The preparation game, held in cidadela arena was witnessed by the Secretary of State for Sports, Carlos Almeida, for the qualifying event of the World Cup set from 7 to 14 July, in Barcelona, ??Spain.

The training session ended with a reduced field game.

Coach Fernando Falle split the squad in two, those of blue vests and those of green vests.

The summoned players for this mission are: Nery, Pi, Marcio Fernandes, Geovety, Tino, Walter, EstevAPound o Dala, Sergio Lukukurico, Chiquinho, JA�, Guedes, Dori and Beto.

Big and Martin, playing in the Spanish championship, Andre Centeno and Francisco Veludo play in Italy and JoAPound o Pinto in Portugal will join the national team four days before the competition, to be held at Kilamba Multisport arena.

For the African Championship the national team of Egypt and Mozambique are confirmed, while awaiting the confirmation of South Africa, which claims financial difficulties.

Source: Angola Press News Agency