MAPUTO, The Mavuzi and Chicamba hydro-electric power stations, on the Revue River in the central Mozambican province of Manica, have been delivered to State-owned electricity company EDM, following their complete rehabilitation.

Local media reports say the rehabilitation and modernization of the two power stations was undertaken by a consortium of French and Norwegian companies at a cost of around 120 million US dollars and took about three years.

The two power stations are already back in operation although they will not be formally re-inaugurated until late March.

According to the project co-ordinator, Abraao Rafael, who is also EDM’s deputy director for electrification and projects, the final certificate testifying to receiving the stations after their rehabilitation was signed on Feb 20.

EDM uses Chicamba and Mavuzi to supply electricity to Manica and the neighbouring province of Sofala, and the power is only sufficient with the inter-connection with the Chibata sub-station which draws its power from the Cahora Bassa Dam on the Zambezi River.

The modernisation was important in order to prolong the life of the two power stations, which were in danger of shutting down entirely because of the obsolescence of their components.

Because the original parts no longer exist on the international market, the consortium had to design and make new parts. EDM claims that the work has given Chicamba and Mavuzi an additional 30 years of useful life.

The work also allows their power stations to generate almost 20 megawatts (MW) more electricity than they could prior to the rehabilitation. The maximum generating capacity at Chicamba has risen from 38 to 44 MW and that at Mavuzi from 30 to 41 MW.