Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has described 2016 as the year when it has become clear how far the country still has to go to eradicate corruption.

Delivering his annual State of the Nation address to the country’s parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, here Monday, he said “it has become clear how much is still missing for us to eradicate the use of violence as a way of dealing with differences.

“It was clear that we must urgently create peace and political harmony. And it was still more evident that we need to listen to those who think differently, he added.

Nyusi’s predecessor, Armando Guebuza, had frequently declared in his addresses that the state of the nation is good. But Nyusi avoided any rosy, triumphalist approach.

All Mozambicans know the difficulties that we are going through and are concerned at the prevailing situation. They are all aware that these times are not easy, and demand from all of us a patriotic awareness so that we remain firm and united before adversities. They all know that simply pointing a finger of guilt will not bring a true and full solution to our problems.

He said 2016 was an adverse year, a time of difficultiesi.

It was a moment in which there accumulated the effects of the absence of peace, and of the domestic and global economic and financial crises.”

Although it would be a mistake to ignore the international economic crisis, the President warned that it would be dishonest to blame that crisis for everything which had gone wrong “in our own house.

There are lessons that all of us, from all parties, should draw. We have to work together to fill the gaps, and together find paths to overcome the difficulties.” These efforts included hard work, and total and selfless commitment to serving the cause of the nation.