MAPUTO– Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi says the country is regaining the trust of its international partners because it is complying with the rules of transparency agreed with them, according to media reports here.

Tuesday’s issue of the Maputo daily, Noticias, quoted Nyusi as saying this when he addressed members of the Mozambican community resident in the United States and Canada in New York on Sunday.

Nyusi, who is in New York to attend the ongoing 73rd United Nations General Assembly session, told the audience that with the return of trust, American investment in Mozambique was now increasing, thus favouring projects which stimulate the economy.

He described relations between Mozambique and the US as very good, and urged all Mozambicans living in the US to project a good image of the country. It was the task of all Mozambicans living abroad, he added, to market the country, and sell its potential, deconstructing the image promoted by disinformation on social media.

Explaining the current stage in talks aimed at restoring a definitive peace to Mozambique, Nyusi said that every step in the talks has required mutual trust.

We must not start out with distrust, he said. I trusted in Dhlakama (the late leader of the former rebel movement, Renamo), and that’s why we achieved consensus. Democracy is not built with guns. The decentralisation project we approved, and which is now underway, is intended to reduce the space for distrust. We should be hopeful.”

In a message addressed to the President, the Mozambican community in the US and Canada thanked the government for sending a civil identification brigade to the US, in order to make it easier for citizens living here to obtain Mozambican identity documents.

Today we, and our children, can enjoy the right to have an identity card,” declared the community’s representative, Olavo Langa.