President João Lourenço unveils water system in Quissol

Angolan head of State João Lourenço inaugurated Friday the water abstraction, treatment and distribution system in Quissol locality, 12 kilometers east of the capital of the north-east Malanje province.

Estimated at USD 31.2 billion and funded by Chinese credit line, the infrastructure, with capacity to produce 720 cubic meters of water per hour from the Cuije river, aims to boost the water supply system to the Malanje city.

The infrastructure includes, reservoirs, pipelines, electromechanical equipment, administrative areas.

The abstraction system allowed 12,000 new household connections in urban area as well as the neighborhoods of Canâmbua, Maxinde, Carreira de tiro, Vila Matilde and Cangambo.

Quissol water abstraction, treatment and distribution system started in September 2017 and ended in April this year.

The infrastructure, which has the capacity to pump 15,000 cubic meters of water and store 3,000 cubic meters, has an extension of 120 kilometers of network.

Malanje is currently supplied from water abstraction, treatment and distribution center of Guinea, with a reduced capacity to meet the demand.

The newly inaugurated system will increase the water supply capacity from 575 to 1,295 cubic meters per hour, the national water director, Elsa Ramos, said.

As for the beneficiaries, she said that the number rises from 55,000 to 395,000, while household connections reach 22,000, compared to the current 10,500.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)