Portuguese university offers scholarships to Angolans

Those interested should submit their applications, initially, between 15 July and 16 August this year, and from 19 August to 31 October, at the Social Welfare Services of the Lusofona University in Lisbon.

The study grants, free of tuition fees, are part of the Cooperation Protocol signed between the Lusophone Group and the Community of Portuguese-speaking Countries (CPLP) on 8 June 2005 and the respective Addendum of 24 June 2006.

Angola and Brazil each receive 25 scholarships, followed by Cape Verde (20), Guinea Bissau (15), Equatorial Guinea (10), Macau (5), Mozambique (10), Portugal (own regulation), Sao Tome and Principe (15) and East Timor (5).

The Lusofona University of Humanities and Technologies (ULHT) is the largest Portuguese private university, based in the city of Lisbon, recognized by Law-Decree nr. 92/98, of April 14.

Source: Angola Press News Agency