Portugal: Angola has potential to export cereals and vegetables

Despite this potential, according to the Minister of Agriculture, Marcos Nhunga, who was speaking at the closing session of the 2nd Portugal/Angola Agriculture Forum, the current production does not meet the internal needs.

According to the minister, the gap between food and production prevails, especially in cereals and vegetables because for all its potential, Angola is still an importing country of maize and cornmeal, in the order of 120.000 tons, spending annually about 40 million US dollars.

He explained that while there is a significant gap in the production of cereals, such as maize used for the production of feed, in the national market, the recovery of animal production is, in a certain sense, in deficit, despite the efforts made by the Angolan and foreign business people.

However, the official said that the production of goods of plant origin and imports reduction include the objectives of the National Development Plan and a goal for the crisis exit strategy.

Marcos Nhunga, who is on a working visit to Portugal, said that the climate, abundance of water, fertile land and a regional market of more than 200 million consumers are factors for the development of agro-business in Angola.

The 2nd Agriculture Portugal/Angola Forum, under the motto of best solutions, good harvests, was promoted by Banco BIC Angola and Portugal.

Source: Angola Press News Agency