Portugal: African heroines to be portrayed in exhibition

Lisbon – A documentary and biographical exhibition on “African Heroines in the Liberation Struggle against Portuguese Colonialism” will be held in Lisbon on June 7 by the Platform for the Development of African Women (PADEMA), in partnership with the Democratic Women’s Movement.

Speaking to Angop on Thursday, PADEMA chairperson, Luzia Moniz, said that the documental and biographical exhibition will include three heroines of the African liberation struggle, namely Deolinda Rodrigues (Angola), Josina Machel (Mozambique) and Titina Sila (Guinea-Bissau).

According to the source, the sample is intended to evoke the memory of the heroines at a time when Portuguese colonialism exerted the harshest repression and oppression on the freedom fighters in a liberation war where these women were protagonists and true heroines.

Luzia Moniz said that it will also be highlighted the solidarity struggle of the Portuguese women with the women’s movements of Angola, Guinea-Bissau and Mozambique.

Source: Angola Press News Agency