Polish company to invest over USD 10 million in factory in Lubango

Lubango – The Polish company “Puk Artur Zys” has announced that it will spend this year over USD 10 million on construction of an agricultural equipment factory in the industrial hub of Lubango, southern Huila province.

The company will produce agricultural machinery and bet on the cultivation of seeds, the CEO, Artur Zys, told the press Monday in Lubango.

“I am pleased with the area which has favourable conditions for the implementation of non-polluting light plants,” he said.

The implementation of the plant will enable creation of more than 200 jobs for national youngsters who will rely on support by Polish technicians in training action.

In turn, the deputy Marchal of the Wielkopolska region, Leszek Wojtasiak, said that six Polish businessmen have expressed interest to invest in the 400-hectare in Lubango industrial complex.

The visiting delegation of Wielkopolska region has been since Saturday in Huila province.

Source: Angola Press News Agency