Poland strengthens cooperation in industrial sector

Luanda – At least USD 100 million is the amount to be made available by the Polish Government for investment in the sector of agro-industrial, processing of agricultural products and production of equipment (tractors, plows and implements), in the industrial center of Eva in Lubango , Province of Huila.

This information was released today in Luanda after a meeting that the Minister of Industry, Bernarda Martins, granted to the Deputy Governor of Greater Poland, Leszek Wojtasiak, on behalf of the Polish ambassador accredited to Angola.

According to Leszek Wojtasiak, the region of Greater Poland is primarily concerned with food production and, in the context of cooperation with Angola, wants large-scale production to increase the supply of agro-industrial goods to the market.

This investment value in the agro-industrial sector, he explained, could be increased depending on the needs of the Huila region and the country.

He said that after the meeting with the minister of the Industry, he will contact the Ministry of Finance to address issues surrounding the modalities of funding.

Source: Angola Press News Agency