Parliament’s specialty commissions pass bills that introduce changes to Budget, enterprises

ANGOP has learnt that the initiatives of these two moves belong respectively to the ruling MPLA party’s Parliamentary Bench and the Head of the Executive, President Jose Eduardo dos Santos.

During the debates, opposition UNITA MP, Fernando Heitor, expressed his scepticism about the fact that the budgetary execution information supply for the last quarter of the year is being extended to 90 days.

In his opinion it is not operationally advisable to receive the assessment report of activities in a period so far apart from the year in question, adding that this can reduce efficacy.

In reply to that, MPLA party MP, Ruth Mendes, said one should not mistake a country’s account management for that of firms.

“There are payments due in the end of the year which are dragged and materialised only in the beginning of the (following) year”, she explained.

During the debates the Executive was represented by the Economy minister, AbraAPound o Gourgel, and the secretary of State for Finances, Valentina Filipe.

Meanwhile, the referred two documents are still to be scrutinised by the plenary of the National Assembly which will vote on the final terms of the two bills.

Source: Angola Press News Agency