Parliament wants Angola in context of nations

Luanda – The Speaker of the National Assembly, Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos, called on Friday in Luanda for the commitment of the Angolans, with a view to a better Angola and inserted in the context of the nations.

“We have to work, regardless of which political party each one belongs to, so that Angola remains a respected country of reference in the Southern Africa and perhaps in the world”, said the politician.

Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos said so at the end of the Monthly Debate proposed by the UNITA Parliamentary Group, under the theme “Quality, safety and conservation of the road network and infrastructure of the country”.

According to him, Angola has to stop being considered only an African country.

Regarding the discussion, the Speaker of the National Assembly considered it positive, highlighting the concerns expressed about the supervision, maintenance, prices and durability of the works.

In this regard, the top MP stated that the discussion aimed to seek ways to create mechanisms to prevent the occurrence of unfavorable situations.

He said that the report supporting the debate served as a basis for discussion and was in line with the concerns expressed.

The parliament speaker recalled that the document emphasizes the period from 1975 to 2002, during which the infrastructures inherited from Portuguese colonialism was degraded as a result of the armed conflict.

He said that since then the country has made considerable progress and that the conclusions and recommendations suggested in the support report cover the situations identified in the MPs’ interventions.

In this regard, he announced that, taking into account the spirit of solidarity between the sovereign bodies and the principle of interdependence of functions, the recommendations and conclusions of the debate will be referred to the Executive Power for consideration.

“It is a contribution of the MPs to assist in the exercise of governance, because we have matter and we will submit it to concerned entities”, he stressed.

The Internal Rules of Procedure of the National Assembly establish a monthly debate on a topic of national or international relevance, on a date fixed by the parliament speaker, after hearing the conference of heads of parliamentary groups.

Source: Angola Press News Agency