Parliament calls for transparent management of public goods

National Assembly on Friday in Luanda called on the company managers, holders and other public actors to stick to the integrity and good governance in order to ensure the sustainable development and national economic stability.

The call was made by the acting speaker of the National Assembly (AN), Américo Cuononoca, stating that the failure in sticking to transparency, improbity and ethics will hinder the implementation of Government’s programmes.

Speaking at Integrity Policy Forum opening forum, sponsored by the Angolan Association of Ethics and Sustainability (AAES), Cuanonoca, who is also

first AN deputy speaker, warned of tax evasion due to the consequences to the economy.

Américo Cuononoca also stressed the auditors’ role, which he said is crucial in conveying confidence to economic agents, influencing decision in investment and in behaviour of taxpayers.

The MP said that corruption has several causes and its fight is not restricted to the Executive, the courts and the National Assembly, but entails a combined effort by all society.

He said that the fight against the corruption ensures the stability and security of the institutions, as part of objective of developing and consolidating a Democratic State based on the rule of law.

In particular case of the managers of the companies in the maritime, port and logistics sub-sector, the MP said that abiding by integrity attracts a good image for the country and, with this fact, important investments capable of enhancing the good – populations.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)