Parliament adopts new Penal Code

The draft that followed an initiative of the President of the Republic was adopted at a general session of the National Assembly.

The new Penal Code that is set to replace the one in force since 1886, was passed with 125 votes in favour (ruling MPLA and opposition FNLA), none against and 36 abstentions (opposition UNITA, CASA-CE and PRS).

Under the bill tabled by the minister of Justice and Human Rights , Rui Mangueira, the 25-year term could extend to 30 years, in cases of recurrence and combined counts or extension of sentence.

The bill takes into account the values and principles enshrined in the Constitution of the Republic of Angola , translated in the respect for the human dignity and guarantee of citizen’s fundamental rights and freedoms.

According to the National Assembly’s Specialised Commissions, the new draft responds to the country’s current political, economic and social reality and the need to adjust the law to the modern standards and penal code.

With 16 titles, 47 chapters, 40 sections and 466 articles, the bill keeps the criminalisation and punishes abortion with four to 10 years in prison.

Source: Angola Press News Agency