Over 77,000 former combatants renew registration process

More than 77,000 former combatants, including the war disabled, widows and family members, have been re-registered since the launch of the first phase of the process in 2019.

This was confirmed by the Secretary of State for Former Combatants and Veterans of the Motherland, Domingos André Tchicanha, who was speaking to the press after the opening ceremony on Tuesday in Luanda.

In the first phase held between 2019 and 2021, the sector planned to re-register 162,300 pensioners, he said.

Domingos André Tchicanha said due to the constraints caused by Covid-19 pandemic, only 77,519 members were re-registered, lacking only 84,781 former combatants.

Tchicanha said 5,000 pensioners in the province of Luanda will be re-registered in the coming 15 days booked for the third phase of the campaign.

He assured that payment was being made to the pensioners, regardless the condition of the updating of data, but warned that the adoption of data will be carried out after the conclusion of the process.

The Secretary of State added that the third phase is an opportunity given to those who had not been re-registered in the two previous phases for various reasons.

The process is for the individual data of pensioners to confirm their existence, to ensure better control and supervision of public spending.

In Luanda, nearly 25.000 pensioners are being assisted.

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)