Ovambanderu remembers Heuva

A faction of the Ovambanderu people under the Ovambanderu Traditional Council (OTC) led by Aletha Nguvauva on Sunday gathered to pay respects to Claudius Heuva at Tallismanus in the Otjombinde Constituency.

With the motto ‘Towards mutual acceptance and harmonious fellowship’, the Ovambanderu gathered to celebrate the legacy of their pioneer who according to them, paved the way for people to settle in the Otjombinde communal area. Heuva is buried at Tallismanus with other leaders at a designated sacred burial site.

Senior councillor in the OTC, Dave Tjozongoro highlighted that they extended invitations to all the leaders of Otjombinde and their people to be part of the historical event which started on Monday last week, irrespective of the division among the Ovambanderu. The leaders instead sent representatives to attend on their behalf.

‘Based on the principle of mutual respect and harmonious neighbourhood, invitations were sent to all senior traditional councillors in Otjombinde of various traditional au
thorities to be part of this event. The next of kin of the fallen pioneers were given a platform to deliver eulogies,’ Tjozongoro said.

Tjozongoro furthermore indicated that the Ovambanderu Traditional Council is committed to a peaceful co-existence with other traditional authorities in the country to uplift the living standard of their people, adding that ‘this will not be realised if we do not seek and encourage a sound working relationship with one another’.

On her part, Ombara Otjitambi of the OTC Aletha Nguvauva expressed gratitude to the organisers, especially the youth who are putting their tribe on the map and uplifting the plight of the Ovambanderu. Many young people, she said are now showing interest in their cultural activities and urged for equal respect for all heroes and heroines.

‘We are gathered here to pay respect to Heuva who brought our people and their livestock to Otjombinde. I am pleading to those responsible for these types of sacred places to allow heroines also to be buried here. B
ecause we have women who are in leadership positions and who have done all good deeds in their communities and they need this type of respect when they are no more,’ she added.

The event is an annual event which was started last year.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency