Otjiwarongo murder suspect remanded in police custody

The 37-year-old murder suspect who was arrested Friday night while hiding in the Tsaraxa-Aibes informal area at Otjiwarongo, was on Monday afternoon remanded in police custody.

The accused, Irwin Oukumeb, appeared before Magistrate Immanuel Udjombala at Otjiwarongo on a charge of murder.

Udjombala explained to Oukumeb his legal rights to engage a private lawyer of his choice; apply for a State-funded lawyer from the Legal Aid Directorate in the Ministry of Justice or defend himself.

The accused opted to conduct his own defence.

Udjombala then postponed his case to 10 October 2023 and ordered that Oukumeb be remanded in custody pending police investigations.

Prosecutor Mwaka Lushetile representing the State in the matter opposed any granting of bail to Oukumeb, citing the seriousness of the crime he allegedly committed.

It is alleged that the accused, last week Thursday, allegedly stabbed to death Ismael Gawiseb with a kitchen knife once in the chest, and fled the crime scene.

During his arrest on Friday, a knife suspected to have been used in the stabbing incident was found with him, and it was seized.

Police investigations into the matter continue.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency