Opuwo’s new CEO commences role

Matjandjara Tjihuura Katurota, the newly appointed Chief Executive Officer of Opuwo, began her duties on Tuesday following a special welcoming ceremony at the council chambers.

Tjihuura Katurota took over from Petrus Shuuya, who had headed the council for the previous seven years until handing over the reins to the town’s technical manager Karui Rikambbura in an interim capacity after failing to get a contract renewal.

During her welcoming ceremony, which also included the signing of the five-year contract, Opuwo mayor, Rosa Mbing-Tjeundo, praised the smooth and transparent process of the CEO’s appointment, which she said was accelerated due to the councillors’ collective collaboration despite their political differences.

The mayor also urged the CEO to work relentlessly to improve the town’s audit opinion from the auditor general, among other issues.

“Given the challenges, the topography we live in, and the background of our inhabitants. This council desired an ideal candidate who is well qualified and experienced, understands the philosophy of our people to embrace an innovative and progressive ethos required to execute and operationalise council’s strategic intent,” noted Mbing-Tjuendo.

Mbing-Tjeundo additionally challenged councillors and the community to contribute to helping the new CEO and other employees to meet the town’s strategic goals.

Tjihuura-Katurota offers a plethora of expertise to her new position, having worked in financial management and asset management at numerous local authorities. She began her career at the Ruacana Town Council. Tjihuura Katurota also worked in Okahandja Municipality before moving to Karibib Municipality, where she was in charge of finance and administration. She was the financial manager of Omaruru Municipality before joining Opuwo Town.

Tjuhuura Katurota, the town’s first female executive, expressed her gratitude to the council for the faith they had placed in her.

“I am very happy, this is a dream come true,” Tjuhuura-Katurota said, adding, “I would like to thank the council for instilling their trust in me; thus, I will return the favour and, with your support, I will execute my duties diligently.”

Tjuhuura-Katurota also pledged to be a servant of the people while advocating for a collaborative working environment among the personnel. The new CEO also stated that she has an open-door policy and encouraged members of the community to approach her office without fear.

Source: The Namibia Press Agency