Opuwo third division teams probed for match-fixing

Opuwo’s third-division football league is under investigation by its affiliate, the Kunene Football League (KFL), following allegations of match-fixing in two of the league’s matches that resulted in 87 goals galore.

Following these results, the KFL, as the mother body, directed the Opuwo league’s executives to investigate possible match-fixing involving games between Opuwo Young Ranger and Epupa Zebra Stars, where the former thrashed the latter with a 58-0 scoreline, and a match between Opuwo Golden Wolves and Western Boys, which ended in a 27-0 victory for Opuwo Golden Wolves.

Both games took place at the Newman Katuta Stadium at Opuwo on 17 June 2023.

The two federations have now reached an impasse.

Marshal Gomeb, the KFL’s chairperson, rejected the recent findings of the Opuwo third division league committee citing a lack of credibility.

Opuwo’s third division administration recently wrote to its affiliate to clarify its findings on the alleged match-fixing allegations, in which they found no misconduct, a letter which the KFL fiercely rejects.

Responding to a recent letter issued by Opuwo league’s chairperson, Vakatika Hindjou that exonerated the teams in question from any wrongdoing, Gomeb stated that the regional body will conduct its own investigation into the matter.

“I am informing you that the regional body has decided to conduct its own investigation into the Opuwo third division members’ action in relation to bringing the game of football into disrepute,” he said.

The KFL also requested access to all paperwork and other evidence pertaining to the two matches, including all first-round outcomes between the four clubs, as well as the last three match reports.

“The investigation’s goal is to establish the facts by gathering as much relevant information as possible. Take notice that the sanctions of the four clubs involved in this situation remained in effect from KFL second division operations awaiting the league inquiry,” he said.

Recently, Gomeb called for the suspension of the four teams in question, pending investigations.

Despite the directive from KFL, Opuwo’s third-division administration declared Opuwo Golden Wolves as league winners, thus qualifying them to compete in the second-division playoffs with Opuwo Young Rangers, who finished second.

However, Gomeb stated that the two teams will not engage in the regional second division play-offs.

Source: NAMPA