Opposition UNITA proposes discussion of local authorities issue

Luanda – The opposition UNITA party’s parliamentary bench has formally requested to the Speaker of the National Assembly (Angolan Parliament), Fernando da Piedade Dias dos Santos, the urgent scheduling of a discussion regarding two documents it has prepared, namely a Draft-Law on the Organisation and Functioning of Local Authorities and a Draft-Law on The Administrative Supervision over Elected Local Governments.

ANGOP has learnt that the country’s largest opposition party is hoping that the issue on local authorities can be debated in the next plenary ordinary session of the National Assembly, scheduled for March 21.

Speaking to journalists, on the day the referred two documents were presented to the press, UNITA’s parliamentary whip, Adalberto da Costa JA�nior, explained that this legislative initiative from his party happens in line with the need to fulfil a constitutional imperative, which is the institutionalisation of local elections.

He went on to explain that UNITA advocates a normal functioning of the country’s institutions, aiming for “thorough satisfaction of the needs of the populations, human development and the modernisation of the society”.

In order to achieve such goal, he said, it is indispensable the full functioning of local authorities and the holding of local elections.

He also reminded that the Plan of Essential Tasks and the adoption of the legislation to support the local elections should have been approved in March 2016.

Source: Angola Press News Agency