Onduludiya Combined School gets new classrooms and storeroom

Deputy Minister of Education Faustina Caley has said all Namibian children deserve good quality education provided under secure and conducive teaching and learning environments.

Caley made the remarks during the official inauguration of five classrooms and a storeroom at Onduludiya Combined School in the Ohangwena’s Epembe Constituency on Monday.

The block was funded by MTC Namibia in partnership with the Motor Vehicle Accident (MVA) Fund at an amount of N.dollars 1.2 million, as part of their efforts to meet government halfway.

Caley said emphasis should be put on national development in order to implement the Harambee Prosperity Plan II and the fifth National Development Plan without failure.

“We need social partners to accelerate development in all its spheres, as government alone cannot meet the targets set out in these plans,” she said, adding that education is one of the most significant long-term investments a country can make.

Speaking at the same occasion, MTC Chief Human Capital, Corporate Affairs and Marketing Officer Tim Ekandjo, said they want to nationalise their rural schools project with the hope of addressing the classroom backlog across the country.

Ekandjo indicated that it cost N.dollars 250 000 to N.dollars 300 000 to construct once decent classroom.

“Hence, there is a need for collaboration from all industrial players to meet government halfway,” he noted.

Meanwhile, Ruben Uupindi, MVA’s Senior Manager for Accident and Injury Prevention, indicated that they have availed N.dollars 2 million towards education to assist other schools in several regions within the country.

Uupindi said they believe this will go a long way in contributing to Namibia’s national socio-economic development agenda as enshrined in the national policy documents namely Vision 2030, and the National Development Plans, amongst others.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency