Ondangwa Town Council hands over 231 plots

ONDANGWA: The Ondangwa Town Council officially handed over 231 fully serviced plots at the Omashaka informal settlement on Thursday.

Of the total amount, 37 plots were allocated to the Shack Dwellers Federation of Namibia.

Ondangwa Town Council’s Chief Executive Officer, Ismael Namgongo, said the initiative forms part of the council’s five-year strategic plan.

Namgongo indicated that as part of the plan, the council has committed to tackling the issue of housing and land provision.

‘Omashaka proper has been serviced with water reticulation and electricity services this financial year. The water reticulation servicing was done by council employees,’ he said.

He added that this forms part of the cost cutting measures, adding that employees have expertise in carrying out similar projects as they have done the same in other areas of the town.

Namgongo said this is also cost effective in a way that the council does not have to pay for labour, but just has to buy materials.

Namgongo said homeowners will be a
ble to connect to this service and have potable water in their own homes.

Moreover, the electricity services started around August 2023 and are 100 per cent complete, at a cost of N.dollars 4.3 million, while the water servicing was N.dollars 400 000.

Omashaka proper houses around 350 erven, of which five are public spaces which will also be serviced.

Omashaka proper is still an informal area, however, the process to upgrade it has commenced.

Namgongo urged the beneficiaries to ensure that they honour their N.dollar 105 monthly site rental fee, which will ensure that council can continue to assist future beneficiaries.

The town’s mayor, Paavo Amwele, said that this is a collective effort by the members of council and officials of the council, all of whom were committed to ensuring that they deliver on the housing backlog in the town.
Source: The Namibia Press Agency