Omaheke first region to achieve full HPSI implementation

The Omaheke Region is the only region that has achieved 100 per cent for implementing the Health Promoting Schools Initiative (HPSI) as they covered all 47 schools in the region.

For this the schools in the region, which include all public and private schools from primary to secondary, were recognised on Friday for improving health standards through this initiative.

During the award ceremony at Gobabis, Omaheke Region Governor Pijoo Nganate said health and education are key elements of socio-economic development of any country on their quest of achieving their visions.

‘Good health is a prerequisite for national development, in our quest for the achievement of Vision 2030 health and education are fundamental. In this regard it has to be appreciated that effective learning and engaged participation in important school activities depend on good health of every school going Namibian,’ he said.

Nganate said as spaces where the majority of Namibian children and young people spend the better part of their year
, schools create a unique opportunity to improve both the education and health status of learners throughout the nation.

He stressed that the Omaheke Region now is celebrating 100 per cent coverage of the HPSI, the first region to have achieved this status, adding it is evident that the region’s joint multi-sectoral response to this initiative is reaping good results.

‘I urge everyone involved in the programme not to be a ‘weak link’ in the process but continue to play the critical role they are playing in the HPSI to maintain the momentum of 100 per cent coverage in the whole region,’ Nganate said.

Representing the Ministry of Health and Social Services, Regional Director Jeremia Shikulo said the Health Promoting Schools Initiative plays a significant role in ensuring that schools strengthen their capacity to create a healthy setting for living, learning and working.

‘The Ministry of Health and Social Services has noticed that the school health programme has achieved more milestones through the Health Pr
omoting Schools Initiative,’ Shikulo indicated.

Six schools scooped bronze awards, 11 schools got silver, 12 received gold awards whilst 19 schools from the region each obtained the first ever platinum award. The platinum award is only an initiative of the Omaheke Region, introduced to positively uplift health standards in schools.

Source: NAMPA