Okakarara awaits horse racing showdown

The Okakarara Turf Club is all set to host the long-awaited horse racing event titled ‘Okakarara Horse Racing Bash’ on Saturday under the sponsorship of Standard Bank Namibia, after a five-year absence.

A total of N.dollars 123 000 is up for grabs across all categories. In a recent interview, Omaheke-based horse club owner Iritjiua Murangi and one of the event organisers confirmed the event to Nampa, saying that the Okakarara event had been long delayed.

“It had been five years since the last horse racing event, and this came as a result of a request from horse lovers in the town and nearby villages. We know Okakarara has one of the largest bases of horse racing supporters in the region, so this event is a must,” Murangi said.

The Nambred horses will register with N.dollars 250, while the Thoroughbred horses will register with N.dollars 300.

The usual suspects, including Starlile from Okahandja Racing Club and Visigoth from Aminuis Racing Club, are likely to conclude the event in the N.dollars 12 000 Open Import race.

According to the rules and regulations of the Namibia Horse Racing Association (NHRA), Murangi stated that the event will only allow registered jockeys to ride the horses.

Source: The Namibian Press Agency