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Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi on Wednesday granted an audience to Raul Domingos, once the number two figure in the former rebel movement Renamo, and now leader of his own party, the PDD (Party for Peace, Democracy and Development).
Domingos led the Renamo delegation which negotiated the 1992 peace agreement with the government, and led the Renamo parliamentary group from 1994 to 1999. He fell out with the Party’s leader, Afonso Dhlakama, and was expelled from Renamo in 2000.
Briefly the PDD was seen as a potential third force in Mozambican politics, and Domingos came third in the 2004 presidential election with 2.73 per cent of the vote.
But the PDD was eclipsed by the rise of the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM), led by another Renamo dissident, the mayor of Beira, Daviz Simango. The PDD has gone into sharp decline and in both the 2009 and 2014 elections Domingos was unable to collect the 10,000 signatures from registered voters that would have allowed him to stand as a presidential candidate. In the 2014 parliamentary election, the PDD only won 0.21 per cent of the vote.
At the end of his meeting with Nyusi, Domingos was positive, describing their talks as fruitful, and covering such topics as peace and development, unity and national reconciliation and the modernisation of the public administration.
Asked about Renamo’s proposal to establish “autonomous provinces”, Domingos claimed the country needed to find the legal flexibility to respond to the desire of “a large number” of people in the central and northern regions.
“We all know that ever since the first elections in 1994, Gaza province has given almost 100 per cent of its votes to Frelimo, while the centre and north mostly vote for Renamo”, he said. “This is a message that the politicians should read and respond to with pertinent legislation in order to satisfy that electorate”.
That, Domingos added, would entail a broad discussion of the matter, both in the country’s parliament, the Assembly of the Republic, and in other sectors of the nation’s life.
The PDD leaders’ words might give the impression that he has always been in favour of provincial autonomy. In fact, he has never said a word about the subject before. Neither Renamo nor the PDD ever mentioned “autonomous provinces” in their election campaign. The idea has only been pushed forward in response to Renamo’s defeat in the 2014 elections.
Domingos said he had found Nyusi to be “a humble man, with the sensitivity to listen to different opinions”.
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