Nyusi Open to Further Discussions With Mdm (allAfrica.com)

Mozambican President Filipe Nyusi has invited the country’s second opposition force, the Mozambique Democratic Movement (MDM), to request a meeting with him any time it feels the need to discuss matters of national interest.
Nyusi’s adviser on politics and communication, Antonio Gaspar, told reporters of this willingness following an audience that Nyusi granted to the MDM leader and mayor of Beira, Daviz Simango, on Monday afternoon.
Gaspar said that Nyusi took note of all the MDM’s concerns, and thanked Simango for the MDM’s stance towards events of national importance.
(Unlike Afonso Dhlakama, leader of the former rebel movement Renamo, Simango attended Nyusi’s inauguration on 15 January, and MDM members have taken their seats in parliament and in the ten provincial assemblies.)
Simango told the journalists that Nyusi had explained to him the philosophy behind the formation of the new government, and the reasons behind the composition of new ministries (which in several cases merge the previously existing ministries”.
“Peace is fundamental so that we can all, in freedom and in stability, build an increasingly solid nation”, said the MDM leader. He added that not only political leaders, but all of Mozambican society should be involved in the debates on building the new society which all desire.
Simango was pleased with “the openness displayed by the new President” and had “no reason to complain”.
“I am pleased because I noted that the President was receptive to our contributions”, he added. “But the most important thing is what happens later. That is, whether what we discussed today will go forward or not”.
Simango wanted to see an end to “political intolerance” and to the “bi-polarisation” of national debate between the government and Renamo.
The MDM saw no reason why debate should be limited to just two political forces.
As for Renamo’s demand for the creation of an “autonomous region” in those parts of central and northern Mozambique where it claims to be the majority force, Simango said that any matter of national interest must be submitted to debate, and the MDM is willing to discuss the Renamo proposal in the country’s parliament, the Assembly of the Republic.
But debate should not be restricted to parliament, he added.
The people must be consulted, and, if necessary, a referendum held.
If the Assembly were to accept the Renamo demand for “autonomy”, then a referendum would be obligatory. Under the Mozambican constitution, the unitary nature of the state cannot be changed by a simple amendment passed by parliament, but must be submitted to a national referendum.
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