New president vows to make work of UN General Assembly more impact-oriented

UNITED NATIONS— The president of the upcoming 77th session of the UN General Assembly, Hungarian Csaba Korosi, vowed to build bridges and make the work of the assembly more impact-oriented.

“We must continue to reform and transform the United Nations, including the General Assembly, and strengthen our cooperation through trust,” he told reporters Monday after taking the oath as president of the upcoming session of the General Assembly.

“My role will be to build bridges and make the work of the General Assembly more impact-oriented. I plan to pursue an integrated agenda of peace and security, human rights, and sustainability — three mutually reinforcing goals. We must support each, or they will all fall,” he said.

Korosi said his priorities will be: stand firm on the basic principles of the UN Charter, make significant and measurable progress on the sustainability transformation, aim at integrated systemic solutions, enhance the role of science in decision-shaping, and increase solidarity.

“I invite all stakeholders to work together and enlarge common ground among member states and stakeholders,” said Korosi. “I will continue to coordinate efforts with the secretary-general, the Security Council, the Economic and Social Council and the other relevant UN bodies, and conduct impact-oriented and regular consultations with civil society, youth, scientific institutions, knowledge centers, faith-based organizations, private sector, and key financial institutions.”

The 77th session of the General Assembly begins on Tuesday. The motto of Korosi’s presidency is “Solutions through solidarity, sustainability, and science.”

Source: Nam News Network