Navigating the digital frontier: TEXEM UK’s strategic leadership development programme

In a world where the term “digital age” signifies both remarkable opportunities and formidable challenges, staying ahead of the curve has become a necessity for business leaders.

The ever-evolving landscape of technology, globalization, and shifting stakeholder expectations demands a new breed of leadership.

TEXEM UK, a leading executive education provider, recently hosted a transformative programme, “Strategic Leadership for Success in a Digital Age,” designed to empower Nigerian senior executives with the skills needed to thrive in these unpredictable times.

The programme which took place from Aug. 21 to Aug.24 brought together distinguished faculty members, prominent speakers, and enthusiastic participants for an enriching experience that will undoubtedly shape the future of leadership.

The programme kicked off with a stimulating tourist visit to the Royal Airforce Museum on the first day, setting the stage for a week of immersive learning and reflection.

Participants not only had the opportunity to explore the fascinating history of aviation but also witnessed the importance of innovation and adaptability, qualities integral to strategic leadership in the digital age.

One of the programme’s special highlights was a visit to the London Chamber of Commerce, where participants delved into the realm of cybersecurity.

Andrew Clarke, an expert in the field, delivered an enlightening session, shedding light on the ever-present threat of cyber attacks and the strategic measures required to safeguard organizations in the digital realm.

Throughout the programme, participants had the opportunity to engage with a diverse range of topics, from strategic thinking to leadership in the digital age.

Areas the programme empowered participants to gain insights included;

Strategic Thinking and Problem Solving.

Participants developed leadership agility and capabilities for navigating ambiguity.

They also developed the skills necessary to make informed decisions in an ever-changing environment through case studies, group discussions, and interactive sessions.

Digital Transformation and Innovation is another area. The TEXEM programme empowered leaders to drive innovation and embrace digitalization effectively.

Participants gained insights into emerging technologies, business models, and customer-centric strategies crucial for success in today’s hyper-connected world.

The programme exposed participants to diverse viewpoints and cross-cultural insights this enhancing their global perspective.

This also prepared the leaders to navigate the complexities of a globalized business landscape and build inclusive, multicultural teams.

In the aspect of personal growth and transformation, the TEXEM programme encouraged self-awareness and personal development, helping the participants unlock their full potential.

The programme was led by a faculty of eminent and distinguished personalities, including Prof. John Peters (Former Chair of the Association of MBAs that Accredits, Harvard, INSEAD, Stanford & London Business).

There were also Prof. Paul Griffith (World’s first Professor of Management to lead a team to launch a rocket to space and Sir James Duddridge (Member of UK Parliament and former Minister who has served in three cabinets).

Another faculty was Prof. Roger Delves (Professor of Practice, who became a board leader at 30 years old and has helped hundreds of organisations to optimise their leadership quotient).

Prof. Hafiz Alaka (Founding Director of the Big Data Technologies and Innovation (BDTI) laboratory) and, Edite Ligere (Member of Assured Cyber Protection Group Advisory Board, and Member of the Bar Council’s and the Law Society’s joint Cyber Security Working Group) also enriched delegates with their knowledge.

These experts brought a wealth of knowledge and experience to the programme, ensuring that participants gained valuable insights into leadership strategies and practices essential for success in today’s volatile and complex environment through applying TEXEM’s unique, tested, and proven methodologies.

One of the standout moments was the session on strategic thinking, which was deemed highly valuable by the attendees.

Testimonials were given by eminent resource persons on the efficacy of the TEXEM programme.

Delves, one of the programme’s faculty members mentioned earlier, affirmed that “Participants found the session on strategic thinking valuable as it explored and explained exactly what strategic thinking was.

“Why it was a mission-critical skill for senior leaders, and how they could better manage their time to allow time and space for this vital senior leader activity. TEXEM’s methodology made the session actionable, impactful, and memorable”.

He continued with his testimonial that “the programme was both stimulating and impactful, “Strategic Leadership in a digital age is required now more than ever before.

“The TEXEM programme equipped the participants with a unique insight into the challenges and threats in the digital age and helped develop strategies to mitigate them.

“I was able to discuss my experience of leadership in a digital age as an African Banker, dot com entrepreneur, and adviser to Boris Johnson and as a UK Government Minister in the UK, serving in five departments under three Prime Ministers”.

Duddridge, another eminent facilitator said of the programme:

“It was useful not only to explore the very real opportunities to lead in new ways but also to recognise the risks and how to mitigate them.

“Leadership in a digital age has changed leadership and how we communicate our vision for the better. Attendees are now better equipped to make the most of the resultant opportunities” .

Peters commented that “it pays to be a digital leader; the growth of emerging opportunities requires leaders to approach the future with a different mindset and execute a different operating model.

“It is not an ‘either/or’ approach, but rather an ‘and’ style of leadership. Leaders require a business strategy for the digital age, not a digital strategy.

“A digital reinvention includes both a digital strategy and organisational change. Digital Transformation is not about the technology: it is about the business and the customer.

“It cannot be achieved top-down but requires a bottom-up approach with every level engaged. And it is not a project with a start and end date, more a continuous process.

“The participants explored and shared their business issues across both public and private sectors and left with a greater understanding of the leadership capabilities required to succeed in the Digital Era, and a digital roadmap to build a future-ready, profitable enterprise”.

Also speaking on the programme, Ligere said “The digital age calls for a root and branch thoughtful examination of what it means to be a strategic leader these days.

“It calls for informed, enlightened, inspiring, responsible strategic stewardship through a rapidly changing societal and business landscape. It calls for cooperation.

“The strategic leader in the digital age is faced with challenges which are hard to understand, quantify or mitigate.

“TEXEM’s executive development programme, under the able and excellent leadership of Dr. Abubakre, provided vital insights to participants into the challenges of today and tomorrow.

“Participants actively engage with each other and with me on the critical topic of cyber resilience and what it means for their organisations.

“This is particularly so in a part of the world such as Africa which is increasingly pivotal in the current geopolitical power balancing.

“I was delighted to share my thoughts on cyber resilience as a barrister, advisory board member of a cyber-security company and perhaps most importantly as a human being in the digital age with the participants, encouraging discussion and a valuable exchange of ideas and new ways of thinking.

“As a result of participating in TEXEM’s executive development programme, participants are better informed about the cyber risks facing their strategic decision-making and more sensitive to the strategic approaches needed to quantify cyber risk to better serve their organisations as successful strategic leaders in the digital age.

“TEXEM UK’s approach to executive education is characterized by its commitment to making learning not just informative but also transformational.

“The programme provided a dynamic platform for senior leaders to exchange ideas, explore emerging trends, and develop actionable strategies for success in today’s digital landscape”.

Dr Alim Abubakre, Founder, TEXEM, UK also spoke on the Executive Development Programme “Strategic Leadership for Success in a Digital Age” .

“This programme designed to empower leaders with the actionable skills and insights needed to foster good governance, optimize strategic leadership performance, and drive organizations toward victory.

“We believe that by equipping leaders with the tools to make better ethical, informed decisions, we not only contribute to the success of individual organizations but also inspire good corporate citizenship on a global scale,” Abubakre said.

Testimonials from participants echoed the sentiment that this programme was a transformative experience.

Aliyu Saidu (Deputy Comptroller General, Training and Doctrine, Nigerian Customs Service) has this to say:

“Everything about this programme is very apt because my service is currently going through digital transformation.

“One of the major takeaways from this programme is that as a leader we should always innovate… our emphasis as leaders should be on a more strategic level rather than tactical, I can’t wait to return back to Nigeria… to implement right away” .

Another participant Edu Oluwatoyin (Bank Examiner, Deputy Director, Central Bank of Nigeria, Lagos), said:

“Wow! It’s so fully packed and the quality of the faculty is second to none… I think the quality of their presentation really got to me.

“I’ve realized… that practical and operational issues can be left to the middle level officers in the organization while I focus more on the strategy to deliver and make my organization better able to achieve its objective”.

The fusion of theoretical knowledge with practical application, coupled with the diverse perspectives shared by the faculty and fellow participants, made for a rich and rewarding learning environment.

TEXEM UK’s “Strategic Leadership for Success in a Digital Age” programme, has undoubtedly left an indelible mark on its participants.

The combination of esteemed faculty, immersive sessions, and hands-on experiences has equipped senior leaders with the tools and insights needed to excel in the fast-paced digital era.

This programme serves as a testament to TEXEM UK’s unwavering dedication to fostering leadership excellence and innovation in a rapidly changing world.

As organizations continue to navigate the complexities of the digital age, the leaders who participated in this programme are poised to lead with wisdom, foresight, and resilience, ensuring a brighter future for their respective organizations and industries. (NANFeatures)

Source: News Agency of Nigeria