Nationalist Hermínio Escórcio dies

Angolan nationalist Hermínio Escórcio passed away this Friday in the Republic of South Africa, aged 88.

According to a Petro de Luanda source (Hermínio Escórcio was honorary president of this club), the politician was undergoing treatment in south Africa.

The late nationalist was the civil affairs office director of the country’s first president, António Agostinho Neto, between 1975 and 1979. He was also ambassador to several countries such as Argentina, Germany, Austria, Algeria, Egypt, Libya, Tunisia and the United Arab Emirates.

Hermínio Joaquim Escórcio was born in Lobito municipality, centre-west Benguela Province. He had degrees in Economy, Administration and Public Relations.

He was part of the struggle against the colonial regime through the People’s Movement for the Liberation of Angola (MPLA) since 1958. In this ambit, he was once a political prisoner (from 1963 to 1974).

Among other posts, the nationalist was also once the Director-General of the state-owned oil company Sonangol.

Source: Angola Press News Agency