National Prize for Culture and Arts may include other artistic areas

Carolina Cerqueira said so to journalists at the end of meeting of the Cabinet Council’s Committee for Social Policy, which among other things, discussed a draft presidential order approving the regulation of the National Prize of Culture and Arts, aiming to review the current legal tool.

To her, the National Prize for Culture and Arts has reached great heights and interest in the public opinion, artists and competitors in the various modalities.

The official said that it is necessary to modernize the prize and adapt it to the current situation in the country, both from a financial point of view and for other attractive modalities such as Angolan and African fashions, sports dances and traditional festivals.

The Minister also stressed the need to adjust the deadlines for the delivery of competing works and their assessment by the jury, as well as the monetary value of the prize, in national currency, and according to the General State Budget (OGE) of each year.

Without disc losing the values, the minister assured that the prizes will be attractive in order to prestige the event that is under the competence of the Head of the Angolan Government.

Source: Angola Press News Agency