NamRA hosts taxpayers and traders appreciation day

Namibia Revenue Agency Commissioner, Sam Shivute has lauded taxpayers and traders for their patriotism and discipline in building Namibia through their tax contributions.

Speaking during the taxpayers and traders appreciation day here Wednesday, Shivute said as a result of their contributions, some members of the public who would under normal circumstances be destitute, can access healthcare and social grants.

“I’m talking about the most vulnerable members of our society, such as the elderly and orphans. Those who under normal circumstances cannot afford private healthcare. It has been proven that during the COVID-19 pandemic, the only reason why the Namibian Government could provide health care to these people and prevent loss of lives was due to your contributions,” he said.

Namibia, he added, can only achieve economic emancipation, economic independence and physical sovereignty through domestic resource mobilisation.

“We have political independence, however, we are not economically emancipated and economically independent. For us to be independent and not have other jurisdictions dictating and deciding for us as a country, we have to fund our domestic resources through taxes and duties,” said Shivute.

The commissioner further called on taxpayers and traders who are evading tax to own up to their responsibilities.

On her part, NamRA board chairperson, Anna Nakale-Kawana urged defaulting taxpayers to take advantage of the recently announced tax amnesty programme.

The day was observed to recognise taxpayers and traders for their contribution to revenue collection.

It was held under the theme ‘Taxes and duties build Namibia.’

Source: The Namibian Press Agency