Namibia: Inspiring Young Imaginations – Africavenir Screens Mozambican Film, O Grande Bazaar

A delightful drama set in Maputo about two boys who become friends and together reinvent a new life full of fun. 12-year-old Paito sells fritters outside his house in the suburbs of the big city, to support his family. One day, a band of young robbers takes his money. He decides he is not going to go home until he recovers what he lost. With this in mind, he heads out for the city. Looking for work, he begins to live in a major market square that at night becomes a dormitory for homeless vendors. There he meets Xano, a boy his age, whose insolent behaviour and fearlessness attract him.

They become friends and reinvent the world. In the days to come, using great creativity and displaying a natural head for business, Paito starts to make his money back. But those who robbed him in the first place are also in the market and looking for trouble. Licinio Azevedo is an independent filmmaker and co-founder of the Mozambican film production company called Ebano Multimedia. In 1977 he joined the National Institute of Cinema (INC) in Mozambique, embarking on a prolific career as a documentary filmmaker. He has directed and produced many award-winning documentaries, which have been screened at numerous international festivals. Azevedo has produced and directed several feature films. He is also a writer and his collection of stories on the Mozambican War of Independence formed the basis of Mozambique’s first full-length feature film. Inspiring Young Imaginations is a project organized by AfricAvenir in partnership with the Franco Namibian Cultural Centre and Hope Initiatives Southern Africa (HISA).

Source: Namibia Economist