Namibe: Ruling party presidential candidate urges continuous work

MocAmedes – The ruling MPLA party’s presidential candidate, JoAPound o Lourenco, reiterated Saturday in Mocamedes, southwestern Namibe province, that his mission, after the August general elections, will be to work to develop the country and improve the living of the populations.

Addressing a political rally as part of the ceremony of his presentation to the population of Namibe, JoAPound o Lourenco said that attaining that requires the deepening of a number of conditions, substantiated in the establishment of policies that attract foreign investment and guarantee the preservation of the environment.

Regarding environmental issues, he stressed the importance of creating strategies that aim to keep cities the cities clean, through the elimination of some vectors of transmission of diseases.

In this regard, he praised the work carried out by the government of the Namibe province in the fight against garbage, and called on the authorities of other provinces to follow suit and thus make Angola a clean country.

“Some will say that Namibe has a small population and it is easy to manage the little garbage it produces. But this is not the truth, because without effort it would not be possible to keep all cities clean, which is possible, with more or less work, if there is a desire to preserve the environment for the good of the people,” he said.

JoAPound o Lourenco said that the defence of the environment should be done fully in the cities, mentioning the work to lessen polluted air, educate the people to stop making fires.

On the occasion, he defended the need to preserve the oceans and seas, avoid their pollution and take advantage of all the goods they offer to the human being.

He stressed that in Angola, besides oil, there are many families that depend on the sea and they can only continue to benefit from the goods that it offers if they do not pollute it.

“As polluters, it is up to us to take measures to minimise the damage we do to the sea,” he said.

He appealed to families to raise awareness of their children to join the Fisheries Academy, which will soon be operational in Namibia, where courses related to the exploration of the oceans will be run.

The politician stated that the Fisheries Academy is an asset placed to serve Angola and the countries of the Southern African Development Community (SADC), and other regions of the continent that may benefit from it, since it has as its mission to maximise existing technology.

“Many fishermen did not need to go through an academy, but one thing is artisanal production and the other is taking the greatest advantage of the goods produced by the sea, which involves other types of knowledge,” he said.

Source: Angola Press News Agency