Namibe: Ruling party pledges research for economy

Mocamedes – The ruling MPLA party’s presidenial candidate, JoAPound o Lourenco, said Saturday that he will work to place scientific research at the service of the enconomy, should his party win the general election of August tis year.

Addressing a political rally in Mocamedes city, suthwestern Namibe province attended by about 45,000 people, JoAPound o Lourenco said that only with scientific research will development be achieved.

The politician said on the occasion that Namibe has conditons to become an academic province and the talents produced there encouraged to embrace research.

According to him, rearch is crucial to the development of the national economy.

He stated that the countries that became world economy powers invested heavily in scientifc resarch.

To him, Angola must also have its leap in this direction in order to discover the path to economic development.

“Namibe can also become one of these points of development, having young people with knowledge and investment in this direction,” JoAPound o Lourenco stated.

Source: Angola Press News Agency