Namibe: Namibe governor says Angola needs dynamic youth

MocAmedes – The governor of the Namibe province, Rui FalcAPound o, said Wednesday in Luanda that “Angola needs young people with open minds and the capacity to create solutions for its growth in the various sectors of economic and social life “.

Rui FalcAPound o made the remarks when speaking at the opening ceremony of the second edition of the National Youth Camp of the Council of Christian Churches of Angola, CICA, called “Ecumenical Village 2017”, with the participation of young people from the country’s 18 provinces.

“While officials and Angolan citizens, each one should dedicate himself / herself to the cause of the people, giving the best of himself to the happiness of all,” explained Rui FalcAPound o, adding that “it is not an easy task, but this is the oath that we have done and we will continue to fulfill it, for this very reason, we need young people with an open mind and with the capacity to create new solutions for the country we want, taking it to the development and with that, to improve the living condition our families. “

The main purpose of Ecumenical Village is to prepare young people to better face the challenges that life imposes, through lectures, conferences, debates and active interaction between the participants.

Source: Angola Press News Agency