Namibe: MPLA wants purer environment

MocAmedes – The candidate of the ruling MPLA on Saturday in Mocamedes City, the chief Municipality of the south-western Namibe Province, said that his party will pay special attention to the problem of burning for the clearance of the ground and creating conditions to improve the sanitation of towns, as well as the preservation of oceans and seas

The ruling party’s candidate made this electoral pledge at a rally attended by some 45,000 party militants and sympathizers, during which he explained that it is necessary to educate the population in regard to the need to decrease the damages on the environment.

In his speech, JoAPound o Lourenco spoke of the need to gather a series of conditions – which include the preservation of peace and stability countrywide, as well as the drafting of appropriate policies – intended to attract private investment and promote the preservation of the environment.

He emphasised that the protection of the environment has to be done in all of the segments, that is, he said, there must be care for the land, waters and the air.

“We need to have a less polluted air ()” he said, to further encourage the development of agriculture.

He also appealed for major attention to be paid to the fisheries sector, stressing that the country can take great advantage from such sector, both in terms of the varied internal utility and the importance it has for exports.

The ruling MPLA candidate recommended also greater preservation of the economy, reminding that no-one can do everything. He suggested that each province can specialise itself in a specific area of economic productivity.

For the province of Namibe, he suggested the creation of new tourism infrastructures, further calling on Angolans to put scientific research at the service of the economy.

He said he hopes that Namibe – a coastal province – can become a reference in terms of fisheries industry.

JoAPound o Lourenco, who is currently the ruling party’s vice president and minister of National Defence, has already been publicly presented as MPLA presidential candidate in the provinces of Huila, Bie and Luanda.

Meanwhile, last Friday the electoral registration process, which started on 25 August last year, ended with the registration of just over nine million voters, who are expected to cast the ballot in August this year.

Source: Angola Press News Agency