Namibe fisheries academy to open soon

Luanda – The Academy of Fisheries and Marine Sciences in southern Namibe province will open soon with the task to train senior technicians in the various specialties.

The information was released Monday by the incumbent minister, Victoria de Barros Neto.

The was speaking at the opening ceremony of seminar on “Economy of the Sea, challenges, opportunities and risks”, sponsored by the sector, as part of cooperation with the Aveiro University in Portugal.

According to her, Angola continues to conduct scientific studies on the potential of the Exclusive Economic Zone.

This will allow the institution to train senior technicians in various specialties linked to the Sea and Fisheries.

The official stressed that the blue economy is a great challenge for the countries that see the oceans as a key tool for development of the planet.

The countries are called to focus on development of the blue economy, exploring the resources in the oceans and developing marine industries, energy exploration, oil and gas, tourism as well as transport, the official said.

The event, which is running until March 29, is gathering the staff of the sector.

Lecturers from the Aveiro University are also attending the event as guests.

Source: Angola Press News Agency