Namandje lauds Geingob for legislative achievements

WINDHOEK: The late President Hage Geingob’s lawyer, Sisa Namandje, has said Geingob drove a historically aggressive legislative agenda that brought about massive socio-economic changes.

Paying tribute during an evening devotion in honour of the late Geingob here Tuesday, Namandje said it is often forgotten that Geingob, without wavering, ensured that the institution and policies of apartheid were dismantled from the date of Namibia’s independence.

He particularly emphasised the period between 1990 and 2002 when Geingob as prime minister and leader of government business in the national assembly ensured that hundreds of pieces of legislation were put forth for the benefit of Namibians.

‘This area of achievement by Dr Geingob is usually ignored and underrated. To me it is one of the biggest achievements by him in our quest as a nation to dismantle the shameful legacy of apartheid and colonialism,’ he said.

He noted that Geingob’s legacy will continue past the mourning period, through the constitution of whi
ch Namibians should have a desire and determination to promote the dignity, unity, and integrity of the nation internally and its relations and association with the outside world.

‘As our chief constitutional architect he ensured that there is a specific obligatory duty on us to achieve, maintain national reconciliation and all points to foster peace, unity and common loyalty to a single state,’ he noted.

Namandje further noted that the late president was tribal neutral and disliked tribalism, noting that he hated those who engaged and traded in tribal arrogance and dominance or for cheap political theatrics.

‘He wanted a nation in which his sons and daughters could relate without tribal impediments or consideration for the unity of purpose and harmonious existence… he said this until a few days before departure,’ he recalled.

Namandje said going forward, Geingob’s legacy will guide the present leaders to steer the Namibian ship safely.

Geingob, 82, died on Sunday in Windhoek.

Source: The Namibia Press