MPs discuss teleworking contract issue

The draft general labour law, under discussion in the specialty in National Assembly, and which provides for teleworking contracts, topped the debate of MPs this Tuesday.

Speaking to ANGOP, MP Elizandra Coelho said that this type of contract will be extended to all professional classes.

According to her, the teleworker benefits, with the necessary adaptations, from the rights and duties available to ordinary workers.

Thus, she said, a worker will be able to carry out his activity from his home or from another office.

Elizandra Coelho noted that within the framework of contractual freedom, the worker can decide to work in this modality in agreement with the employer.

As for the control, she added, the parties must work out the method, but the law establishes that the official can be summoned for specific meetings. According to her, production will be the main method of control.

For example, she mentioned that in the event of maternity leave, the worker continues to be entitled to three months, plus one without pay, and the possibility of being able to stay another three months teleworking.

She said that the draft general labour law deserved an in-depth study by parliamentarians who introduce changes in content and form in certain standards.

With 326 articles and 11 chapters, the draft general labour law repeals that of 7/15 of June 15.

The document strengthens harmony in labour relations between workers and employers and essentially aims to resume a set of rules that were repealed with Law No. 2/2000, of February 11, in order to create a better balance in defending the interests of workers and employers.

As a general rule, it reintroduces the employment contract of indefinite duration, and assumes, unequivocally, the employment contract as the only form of constitution of legal and labour relations

Source: Angola Press News Agency (APNA)