MPs delay approval of bill on Local Power

Luanda – The approval of draft law for an Organic Law on the bases of the Local Power system, whose discussion in the specialty by MPs of the National Assembly began on Monday in Luanda, was postponed for the next days, with a view to conform some articles to the Constitution.

Organized in 83 articles in six chapters, the diploma is a legislative initiative of the opposition UNITA Parliamentary Group and has been referred to Parliament as a matter of urgency.

The text provides for the institutionalization of Local Government until 2018, throughout the country.

At the end of nearly five hours of heated debates, summarized in technical analysis, the chairperson of the Committee on Constitutional and Legal Matters of the National Assembly, Joaquim Antonio Carlos dos Reis JA�nior, considered that despite having some unconstitutionality, the document is worthy.

The MP said that that there was a need to conform the Law with the Constitution and to approximate the standings held by the Parliamentary Groups of the MPLA and the proponents, from the political point of view, had suggested postponing its approval, taking into account the interest of the matter for the nation.

In reaction to the delay of passage of the bill, MP Michaela Weba, who defended the text, acknowledged that it is not perfect because it contains some inaccuracies that need to be improved.

Source: Angola Press News Agency