MPLA calls for greater dissemination of presidential candidate’s image

The MPLA first municipal secretary in Lubango, southern Huila province, Adriano Pedro, on Sunday called on the party action committees to publicize the figure of the presidential candidate in the August elections.

Speaking to ANGOP on the occasion of the launching of the pre-election campaign of the party that took place in the Tchioco neighborhood, the politician said that only knowing the figure of the candidate, the militants, friends and sympathizers of MPLA can proceed to the right of vote.

Adriano Pedro said that as of today, the attention of the party at the level of the municipality will be turned to the massive dissemination of the image of its candidate, JoAPound o Lourenco, so that all the militants, friends and sympathizers know him and at the time of the vote to make the right choice.

Along with the act, the politician visited several projects, especially the water treatment and abstraction centres, vocational training centre and the medical post.

MPLA controls 62.335 militants in the municipality.

Source: Angola Press News Agency